Magical Girl Mammary Growth – The Bouncing Squad

Expansion Fan proudly presents its first “magical girl” parody with The Bouncing Squad, a new comic from the creator of Inflated Ego featuring all kinds of kinky fun for lovers of hourglass expansions, mind control, and gender-bending transformations!

Synopsis: A demon from a parallel world corrupts and transforms the entire student body of a “woman-only” university into his army of sex slaves. Moo-Moo (an angel from another world) makes an agreement with Shiro (a neurotic and clumsy young boy) to save the day. Unfortunately for Shiro, to gain Kita’s powers he’ll need to be transformed into a busty warrior woman!

Release Date: June 7th, 2020

Written By: Gigajapo

Artwork By: Xue (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, mind control, gender bender, transformation, lactation, ass expansion, multiple expansions, clothes ripping, immobile, can’t move, attribute transfer, beautification, lesbian, hair growth, pleasure, magic, OVERBOARD breasts

Issue Link: The Bouncing Squad

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