Ballooning Begins – The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite 5

Expansion Fan‘s favourite criminal mastermind is back! This time around, the sexy mad scientist is taking a trip down memory lane, detailing her inflation-filled origin and the early days of her fetish friendly criminal career!

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Synopsis: Even someone who enjoys themselves as much as Doctor D. Lite gets a bit low sometimes. After her last misadventure, she is beginning to question whether the super-villain life is really for her. Now, the good doctor’s origin is finally revealed as she lays out on the couch and lays it all bare!

the_depravity_of_dr__d__lite_5___origin_story_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbohz1t from_fetishist_to_super_villain_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbohz1f

Release Date: December 21st, 2017

Written By: ERed

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Tags: Inflation, air inflation, water inflation, body expansion, clothes ripping, immobile, science, deflation, monster girl, pleasure

Series Link: The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite

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