Pudgy Protectors – Freedom Alliance: Taskforce 8

An obese heroine’s attempt at dieting horribly backfires with “weighty” consequences in Freedom Alliance: Taskforce 8, the debut of Expansion Fan‘s latest superhero series!


Synopsis: After a recent poor performance, the rotund super-heroine Hijack is forced by her teammates to finally get in shape. Unfortunately, the strain of the weight-loss regimen causes her psychic powers to go haywire, turning her dreams of gorging herself into a waking nightmare for her friends and their waistlines…

freedom_alliance__taskforce_8___hijack_gets_hungry_by_expansion_fan_comics_ddgg2yl-fullview breakfast__lunch__and_dinner_of_champions

Release Date: December 7th, 2019

Written By: J. Faraday

Artwork By: Wolfgee

Tags: weight gain, extreme weight gain, BBW, SSBBW, blob, immobile, can’t move, popping, clothes ripping, mind control, superheroes

Issue Link: Freedom Alliance: Taskforce 8 

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