Ninnuendo Power – Video World Vixens

Two gamer girls get sucked into the world of a classic console’s lewd knockoff in the first issue of Video World Vixens, the new series from Expansion Fan that combines lighthearted humour with kinky lesbians and transformative expansions!


Synopsis: Maria and her girlfriend Ruriko thought they had only bought a retro game console full of naughty knockoff titles. They’re in for a big surprise when booting it up sucks them into the world of video games, where every power-up boosts their bust! With distractions like these, how will they rescue the Princess and find their way back home?

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Release Date: August 21st, 2018

Written by: Uniracer

Artwork by: Kaka (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, hair lengthening, pleasure, magic, instant, gradual, tomboy, nerdy girl, XTREME breasts

Issue Link: Video World Vixens

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