Well Endowed Wishing – I Dream of Boobies

For our first new series of the year, we bring you our latest take on the classic “genie in a lamp” scenario. With the unbeatable combination of reality-warping magic, expanding breasts, trimming waistlines, enlarging manhoods, and one horny genie, I Dream of Boobies shows you how to get the perfect beach bod – the Expansion Fan way!


Synopsis: On a beach vacation, three college students find a genie lamp and make wishes benefitting both the students and the genie.

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Release Date: January 21st, 2016

Written by: Bill Pratt

Artwork by: LRC (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Breast expansion, nipple expansion, clothes ripping, reality change, mind control, magic, OVERBOARD breasts

Issue Link: I Dream of Boobies

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