Multi-Boob Magic – reCURSEive

Three sexy witches accidentally curse themselves to grow infinitely bustier in reCURSEive, the new fantasy-comedy for fans of room-filling breast expansions and multi-boob transformations!


Synopsis: When a vain and jealous witch enchants herself to always be curvier than her spell-casting school rival, she gets a harsh lesson in the rules of magic and the wording of curses!

recurseive___endlessly_looping_expanions_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbssn3e cursed_and_curvaceous_cutie_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbssn3c

Release Date: February 7th, 2018

Written By: SoylentOrange

Art By: QWZ (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, clothes ripping, multiple expansions, multi-boobs, immobile, magic, ZENITH breasts

Issue Link: reCURSEive

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