Heating up the Heat – Tina and Amy

Expansion Fan‘s newest erotic-action-comedy series brings you all the explosions, car chases, and comical bickering of your favourite buddy cop films mixed with a healthy dose of lactating nipples, lesbian sex, ass expansion, and building-sized tits!


Synopsis: While investigating a bizarre crime scene involving a woman with breasts the size of a small building, two cops find themselves tangled in a strange criminal conspiracy and exposed to unknown chemicals that will change their lives forever.

TinaXAmy_Ep01_Cover-v2_b TinaXAmy_Ep01_pg13

Release Date: June 7th, 2017

Written by: Valeyard Vince

Artwork by: WantedWaifus

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, instant, gradual, lactation, lesbian, sex, pleasure, tomboy, nerdy, science, TABOO breasts

Issue Link: Tina & Amy: Bullet Babe Blues

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