Drunk Badonkadonk – Bottom Heavy Blossom 2

Expansion Fan‘s samurai epic continues in Bottom Heavy Blossom 2 with Jin fighting for his life against knife-wielding bandits and the crushing weight of a drunken Saki’s impossibly large (and growing) ass!


Synopsis: Fleeing the destruction of her home prefecture in the company of a young samurai named Jin, Saki’s expansive condition and lustful tendencies threaten to compromise the duo’s efforts to blend in with the locals of a nearby town.

bottom_heavy_blossom_2___saki_and_sake_by_expansion_fan_comics-dc9bn79 curvy_cuddling_by_expansion_fan_comics-dc9aeom

Release Date: July 21st, 2018

Written by: Biz-Mark

Artwork by: Ponce (Altercomics)

Tags: ass expansion, breast expansion, pleasure, groping, clothes ripping, Edo period, samurai, XTREME breasts, ULTRA ass

Series Link: Bottom Heavy Blossom

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