Reverse Diet Supplement – False Advertising

An aspiring model goes from babe to blob when she tries the weight less product she’s been hired to promote and finds that she’s been fed some… False Advertising.


Synopsis: An aspiring model signs up to be the spokesmodel for a new weight-loss drug, but when she samples the drug herself, she discovers that it’s effects are quite the opposite of what they’re suppose to be.

false_advertising___before_and_after_by_expansion_fan_comics-dc83qir weight_gaining_super_model_by_expansion_fan_comics-dc83ovh

Release Date: July 7th, 2018

Written by: J. Faraday

Lineart by: Davide Tinto

Colors by: Francesca Piscitelli

Tags: weight gain, extreme weight gain, BBW, SSBBW, blob, immobility, clothes ripping, humiliation, science

Issue Link: False Advertising

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