High Crimes – The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite

You guys asked, begged, and even demanded for more spherical inflation content, and we were more than willing to oblige!

Introducing The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite, the new series (and “protagonist”) that puts the “mass” in criminal mastermind!


Synopsis: Magnum City would be a modern-day utopia were it not for Doctor D. Lite, an anarchic villain with a penchant for all things rubber and inflatable (even when they shouldn’t be). Her next target? Samantha Leeman, the editor of REX News. Journalists have a reputation of being full of hot air, but never quite like this…

the_depravity_of_dr__d__lite___the_floating_fiend_by_expansion_fan_comics-d9s7eu4 spherical_inflation_supervillainy_by_expansion_fan_comics-d9s7etz

Release Date: May 7th, 2016

Written By: ERed

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Inflation, body expansion, breast expansion, clothes ripping, groping, can’t move, pleasure, science, deflation

Issue Link: The Depravity of Dr. D. Lite

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