Bimbocalypse! – Strike Force 2

Various small, but passionately vocal, fan-bases have requested we branch out more into the various sub-fetishes of expansion, including bimbofication. Thankfully for those fans, when this comic creating crew decides to try out a new fetish we go ALL OUT.

Strike Force returns with even more expansion, transformation, and sex as Wulf’s evil plot to bimbofy the entire planet takes its first bold step!

SF2_SLIDE copy

Synopsis: Commander Wulf’s nefarious plan to rule the world begins to take shape.

strike_force_2___bimbocalypse__by_expansion_fan_comics-d8hfm65 losing_her_mind_by_expansion_fan_comics-d8ho9xo

Release Date: March 14th, 2015

Author: William Pratt

Lineart: Davide Tinto

Colors: Ylenia Di Napoli

Tags: Breast expansion, nipple expansion, pleasure, clothes ripping, bimbo, mind control, ninjas, science, MASSIVE breasts

Series Link: Strike Force

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