D & D Meets Double Ds – Roleplayin’

In the internet age, nothing is cooler than being a Nerd. Now, thanks to some magic lightning, nothing is sexier either! Bring on the adork-able nerd girls!


Synopsis: As equally avid fans of roleplay and fantasy, Kimmy and Jeff are a perfect match. Their peers have labeled them as ugly geeks, but that’s nothing that a bit of fantasy escapism can’t solve. As Jeff goes off to college and Kimmy is left stuck at home, their relationship becomes an online affair. But after a freak electrical storm, the couple’s sexy roleplaying blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

roleplayin____cover_by_expansion_fan_comics-d7b0vvi copy  from_cute_nerd_to_sexy_elf_by_expansion_fan_comics-d7b0ujn

Release Date: June 21st, 2014

Author: Heir

Artist: Xue (Sedna Studios)

Tags: breast expansionsexgradualheight growth,muscle growthshrinkingshrunken womanpenis enlargement
Issue Link: Roleplayin’

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