Blueberry Blow Out – The Blue 32

Dozens of small town women are mutated by a blueberry-themed biological attack of unknown origin in the first issue of Expansion Fan‘s new conspiracy thriller: The Blue 32!


Synopsis: The small town of Jaxton is rocked by the sudden and inexplicable swelling of several of its female inhabitants. Just why have these ladies turned big and blue? One CDC agent is determined to find out all the juicy details…

the_blue_32___a_juicy_conspiracy_by_expansion_fan_comics_dd4vlm9-fullview bloated_blueberry_belly_by_expansion_fan_comics_dd4vllr-fullview

Release Date: July 21st, 2019

Written By: b-ridge

Artwork By: Ponce (AlterComics)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, body expansion, blueberry transformation, popping, juice lactation, lactation, transformation, multiple expansions, science

Issue Link: The Blue 32 

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