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Luck Be An Expanding Lady – Down to Get Lucky

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Fans of light bondage, steamy lesbian sex, and a whole slew of titillating transformation fetishes are guaranteed to love Down to Get Lucky, the erotic story of two lovers who decide to spice up their bedroom fun with a magic pair of dice!


Synopsis: After dating for three years, Annabel wishes she had more control in her relationship with her lover (and professional fighter) Roseanne. When Annabel orders a set of sex dice that transform her based on the dice roll, Annabel is going to bring a lot more than control to the bedroom. And no matter who is control, both Annabel and Roseanne will be getting lucky.

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Release Date: December 21st, 2016

Written By: Reese Moody

Artwork By: Dinamite

Tags: Breast Expansion, Lip Expansion, Ass Expansion, Hip Expansion, leg growth, lesbians, oral sex, bondage, magic, MASSIVE breasts

Issue Link: Down to Get Lucky

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