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Cleavage Cabaret – The Growing Mistress

Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Expansion Fan kindly invites you to the grand opening of The Growing Mistress: a magical nightclub in 1890s France where your every fantasy shall come to life!


Synopsis: When Jacque Clairoux (the ambitious but failing owner of a brothel) helps out a poor old woman, she gives him a jewel that might make his Bordello into the greatest there is.

the_growing_mistress___large_in_lyon_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbgtikf breast_expansion_burlesque_by_expansion_fan_comics-dbgtik6

Release Date: October 21st, 2017

Written by: Xiendra

Artwork by: HSefra

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, height increase, hair growth, beautification, penis expansion, magic, lactation, burlesque, sex, transformation, XTREME breasts

Issue Link: The Growing Mistress

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