Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Party! – Inflated Ego 4

Expansion Fan‘s most popular title returns for a fourth instalment featuring the most expansion and sex to date!


Synopsis: Taking advantage of her new body’s flexibility, Kelly aims to become the school’s top cheerleader. But how will she do that when the curse prevents her from even putting on her uniform?

inflated_ego_4___foursome_fun_by_expansion_fan_comics-d8fyi41 Inflated-Ego_04-008 copy

Release Date: April 21st, 2015

Author: Gigajapo

Artwork by: Forst (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, sex, penis expansion, lesbians, nudity, latex, transformation, magic, OVERBOARD breasts

Series Link: Inflated Ego

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