Bimbo Noir – Tracy Paige: Paranormal Investigator

An entire boardroom’s worth of brilliant businesswomen have transformed into brain-dead bimbos, and only one woman can put a stop to it in the first issue of Tracy Paige: Paranormal Investigator, the supernaturally sexy new series from Expansion Fan!


Synopsis: Tracy Paige’s newest client is a woman who’s undergoing a bizarre transformation from businesswoman to bimbo. Tracy has to get to the bottom of what’s happening and uncover a sinister plot.

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Release Date: August 7th, 2018

Written by: Biz-Mark

Artwork by: QWZ (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, bimbo, mind control, magic, lesbians, weight gain, MASSIVE breasts, MOUNDS ass

Issue Link: Tracy Paige: Paranormal Investigator

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