Bimbo Alchemy – Bloated Bandit 2

If you’ve been looking for a fantasy tale featuring bimbofication, gender bending, weight gain, and more… then considered your quest complete! Expansion Fan‘s swollen swordswoman returns with a brand new (and fetish-friendly) adventure full of transformations that affect minds as well as bodies!


Synopsis: When a mad alchemist seeks to use a new debilitating – but sexyfing! – concoction to steal from the royal treasury, it’s up to the BLOATED BANDIT to stop him!

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Release Date: March 21st, 2018

Written by:  SoylentOrange and ChuckManX

Artwork by: Amblagar

Tags: Weight Gain, BBW, Ass Expansion, Breast Expansion, Bimbo, Gender Bender, Lip Expansion, Mental, Adventure, Magic

Series Link: Bloated Bandit

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