Selene’s Snack Sorcery – Hotel Infinity 5

An increasingly spiteful and deranged enchantress transmutes three waitresses into the base ingredients of her favorite meal in Hotel Infinity 5!


Synopsis: A new staff member is welcomed to the Hotel Infinity team. Will she survive the experience? Meanwhile, Selene continues her unhinged rampage through the hotel. Hell hath no fury like a sorceress scorned!

hotel_infinity_5___selene_s_blueberry_smoothie_by_expansion_fan_comics_ddhxbn3-fullview blueberry_juice_squeezing_by_expansion_fan_comics_ddhxbdn-fullview

Release Date: January 7th, 2020

Written By: b-ridge

Artwork By: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, lip expansion, body expansion, mental transformation, bimbo, animal transformation, transformation, blueberry transformation, juice lactation, lactation, oviposition, pleasure, magic, XTREME breasts

Series Link: Hotel Infinity

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