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Helium Humor – Balloon Girl Problems

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

The creator of Balloon Warriors and the artist of The Only Tea for Me team up to bring you the debut of Expansion Fan‘s wacky new comedy series: Balloon Girl Problems, a collection of four sketches starring a woman who can inflate her body to absurd proportions while living her otherwise mundane life!


Synopsis: A woman with the natural-born ability to inflate herself like a balloon experiences four misadventures because of her unique condition.

balloon_girl_problems___four_full_features_by_expansion_fan_comics-dcg5c60 balloon_girl_breast_growth_by_expansion_fan_comics-dcg5br3

Release Date: October 7th, 2018

Written by: Servomoore

Artwork by: Oscar Celestini

Tags: breast expansion, body inflation, weightless, deflation, puncture, OVERBOARD breasts

Issue Link: Balloon Girl Problems

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Fresh Air – Inflated Ego 5

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

The fan favourite series heads in an exciting new direction as our heroes explore the full implications of their powers and discover an unexpected side effect…


Synopsis: During a school basketball game Kelly becomes the victim of a jealousy cheerleader teammate. Meanwhile, Katya and Lydia have taken the opportunity to return to where they first transformed so that they can finally change clothes. Unfortunately for them, they will all meet their greatest nightmare…

inflated_ego_5___basketball_bods_by_expansion_fan_comics-d8s8fy5 flat_chested_by_expansion_fan_comics-d8s8ifk

Release Date: July 21st, 2015

Written by: Gigajapo:

Artwork by: Forst (Sedna Studios)

Tags: Breast expansion, ass expansion, full body deflation, inflation, nudity, lip expansion, woman to woman, penis inflation, magic

Series Link: Inflated Ego

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