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Apocalyptic Waist-land – Blue Dystopia

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Welcome to the grim future of Blue Dystopia, where a bounty hunter is tracking a band of rebel smugglers in a neon-soaked cyberpunk city. However, her plans hit a snag when she’s infected with expansion-inducing nanites – now, if she can’t finish the job in 48 hours, everything will “blow up” in her face!

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, a small band of rebels steal a high-value corporate asset from a shady mega-corporation. Meanwhile, a gruff bounty hunter named Rev is forcefully injected with body-altering nanites that will make her figure constantly inflate until she is too large to survive on her own… unless she pays off her debts in the next 48 hours. With time running short and her waist growing wide, Rev will have to push herself to the limit if she hopes to prevail against the many dangers awaiting her out in the nuclear wasteland!

Tags: body expansion, breast expansion, ass expansion, blueberry transformation, juice lactation, lactation, immobile, can’t move, post-apocalypse, clothes ripping, hourglass expansion, multiple expansions, cyberpunk, bounty hunter, height increase, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Written By: Rogue Inflator

Artwork By: LWJ (Sedna Studio)

Release Date: October 21st, 2022

Issue Link: Blue Dystopia

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