Lexie’s New Boss – Hotel Infinity 4

Lexie, the unlikely protagonist of Hotel Infinity, finds her surreal working conditions somehow becoming even more perilous as she earns the tenuous admiration of a psychotic sorceress in the fourth chapter of this hit series!


Synopsis: After the dust has settled from the previous issue’s events, Lexie is as surprised as anyone to find that she’s still standing. However, she may find herself in an even more dire situation as she attracts the attention of a very powerful—and dangerous—sorceress.

hotel_infinity_4___beware_the_hidden_council_by_expansion_fan_comics_dcumkuk-fullview maid_becomes_fat_and_dumb_by_expansion_fan_comics_dcumkdu-fullview

Release Date: March 21st, 2019

Written by: b-ridge

Artwork by: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Tags: breast expansion, ass expansion, full body expansion, bimbofication, shrinking, mental transformation, air inflation, dollification, animal transformation, lesbians, pleasure, magic, XTREME breasts

Series Link: Hotel Infinity

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