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New Breast Expansion comic book website

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Breast Expansion Fan Comics

I’ve been working with a great team of writers, illustrators and editors on a (soon to be) website for fans of Breast Expansion (BE) comics! This site, although  just a blog at the moment, will be home to a number of comic books for download, just like Giantess Fan is now.

For now you can check out some of the upcoming comics and works in progress here or on the DeviantArt gallery.

If there are any writers or artists looking for work please send me an e-mail (expansionfan at gmail dotcom) and we’ll get talking. This site will be all about collaboration. I know it will be awesome!

The BE Project – Breast Expansion Comic

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Click for comic preview

Click for comic preview

The BE Project is a breast expansion comic published at the BE Story Club. It’s a pretty rad story about a college student, Melissa, who volunteers for a fringe experiment at her university.

College student Melissa submits to a new Biosymbiotic Enhancement procedure offered by the local university, however things turn out a little different than she expected. After the procedure, her boobs are bigger than she had ever imagined.

Check out a cool preview of the BE Project.

When Expanding Worlds Collide

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

When Expanding Worlds Collide is a comic series featured on the BE Story Club about a baseball player who encounters a special anime DVD. When he pops this DVD into his player, he discovers it’s magic as the main character from the anime jumps out of the TV and into his living room. She has magical powers that make her breasts grow whenever she wants. Lots of expansion and growth in this comic, enough to satisfy all BE fans.

Click here for a free preview of When Expanding Worlds Collide.

Breast Expansion Fan Blog

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Welcome! This is the new blog dedicated to all things Breast Expansion. We will be posting photo morphs (or manipulations), BE videos, breast expansion comics, as well as art and 3d BE images. Once and a while we’ll also throw in some other type of expansion such as butt expansion or weight gain.