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The BE Project – Breast Expansion Comic

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Click for comic preview

Click for comic preview

The BE Project is a breast expansion comic published at the BE Story Club. It’s a pretty rad story about a college student, Melissa, who volunteers for a fringe experiment at her university.

College student Melissa submits to a new Biosymbiotic Enhancement procedure offered by the local university, however things turn out a little different than she expected. After the procedure, her boobs are bigger than she had ever imagined.

Check out a cool preview of the BE Project.

Island of Dreams – Breast Expansion Comic

Monday, December 7th, 2009
Click to see the comic

Click to see the comic

Island of Dreams was one of the first comics to gain critical acclaim from breast expansion fans worldwide. The official synopsis goes something like this:

As the newest employees of the Island of Dreams, a private luxury resort, Tammy and Maria have no idea just how far their employers are willing to go to ensure that the island’s ultra wealthy clientele get all their dreams fulfilled.

A pretty cool premise for a breast expansion comic. The art is superb (one of the first from Portalcomics) and the storyline is anything but boring. I like the lesbian scenes as well as the mystery surrounding the island’s female staff.

Check out the free comic preview.

BE Fantasy Comic – Unstable Assets

Sunday, November 15th, 2009
Make em' grow! Click for comic preview

Make em' grow! Click for comic preview

Here’s the official synopsis:

Thief Suki steals a magical concoction and experiments with it on herself, causing her breasts to grow significantly. She then decides to use her newly acquired assets to seduce the mighty Lord Cuthbert. Will Cuthbert fall for her charm?

Suki is a slick and witty girl. Did I mention busty? This is one of my favorite comic series at the BE Story Club because it is just so action packed with breast expansion, butt expansion, mental changes, and even some shrinking.

Check out a preview of chapter 1 of Unstable Assets.

A Very Fairy Breast Expansion Tale

Friday, November 13th, 2009
Magic fairy, make my tits grow! Click for comic preview.

Magic fairy, make my tits grow! Click for comic preview.

Fairy Tale was one of the first breast expansion comics released on the BE Story Club. The tale begins with 3 girls having a sleepover and getting their panties wet over the idea of a “boob fairy”, that is one that can make your breasts grow while you sleep. The girls have no idea about the quest they are about to embark on, one that will fulfill their wildest fantasies.

Read a free preview of this breast expansion comic.

Till She Gets Her Way – Breast Expansion Comic

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
Growing, growing, gone.

Growing, growing, gone. Click for comic.

Till She Gets Her Way is a comic series from the BE Story Club about a girl who works in a stockroom during the holidays. Her breasts and ass slowly expand until she is enormous. Her coworkers surely get a kick out of her inflating chest and bubble butt. Click the image above for a free sample of the comic.

When Expanding Worlds Collide

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

When Expanding Worlds Collide is a comic series featured on the BE Story Club about a baseball player who encounters a special anime DVD. When he pops this DVD into his player, he discovers it’s magic as the main character from the anime jumps out of the TV and into his living room. She has magical powers that make her breasts grow whenever she wants. Lots of expansion and growth in this comic, enough to satisfy all BE fans.

Click here for a free preview of When Expanding Worlds Collide.